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If your smile looks crooked or uneven, you may need braces. But smile aesthetics aren’t the only reason your smile may benefit from braces; some characteristics of needing braces aren’t as obvious but are no less important to your dental health. Dr. [doctor_name] offers a list of characteristics to help you determine if you or your child would benefit from braces.

Reasons to receive braces as an adult or teen:

• Crooked and overlapping teeth
• Crowding among the teeth
• Large spaces between teeth
• Missing permanent teeth
• Too many teeth
• Overbite, in which the upper arch protrudes beyond the lower arch
• Underbite, in which the lower arch protrudes beyond the upper arch
• Misaligned jaws
• Chronic jaw pain, or a jaw that pops, grinds, or locks

Reasons to receive braces as a child:

• Baby teeth lost too early or too late
• Crowded adult teeth
• Crooked and overlapping adult teeth
• Habit of biting their cheek
• Difficulty biting and chewing
• Large spaces between teeth
• Disproportions between the teeth and jaws
• Chronic tooth or jaw pain
• Underbite or overbite

You can start by examining your own smile and your child’s smile to determine if braces are needed, but you should schedule a time to see an orthodontist for a professional exam and to learn which orthodontic treatment is right for your smile. Call [practice_name] at [phone] today to learn more about braces in [city], [state]!