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We have been patients for four years, and could not be more pleased with Smile at the World. Dr. Knowles and his team are very professional and give excellent care for each patient! Both my daughters have now finished treatment and I’m sure my son will begin soon. We will definitely choose to stay with Smile at the World so that we receive the best orthodontic care in Central Texas. I highly recommend Smile at the World in Temple to anyone looking for an orthodontist!

-Beth W.

My son is was 7 when the dentist became very worried about his 2 front teeth. He was afraid that because they stuck out so far that he could very easily break them off. I went to a local orthodontist to get an opinion and they were wanting to put on a full set of braces that day. I thought that was a little excessive considering he still had teeth missing and baby teeth in. I went to Smile at the World to get a second opinion and they told me that the roots of his teeth were not strong enough yet to have braces. They suggested us to use a retainer to help with the lower jaw to bring it out and wait on 2 brackets for the front teeth. He has had tremendous results with the retainer and only a couple of months ago got 2 brackets on the front two teeth to help them go back even more. I cannot express how much I love this place! They wanted to do what was best for my child! The entire staff is extremely friendly and my son and I love to come to his appointments.

-Andrea Z

We are on our 3rd family member and there’s a reason we’ve trusted our orthodontic treatment to Smile at the World Orthodontics. They treat patients like people, not as paychecks. The service is always fantastic, and the staff is friendly and genuinely concerned with the patient’s welfare. If you live in Temple or Bell county, this is really the Orthodontist for you to check out.
Let’s be honest, orthodontic treatment is pricey, but Smile at the World Orthodontics is very reasonably priced, works with your insurance company and provides payment options that fit a customer’s needs. They have always been accommodating when scheduling appointments, and we can always find an appointment that fits our busy schedule. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know. If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment, look no further.


Took my son in for the first time last week. A week later (today) he’s got his braces on. Couldn’t ask for a nicer staff as everyone was great and informative. Had answers to all my questions. Just got a follow up call from the Dr. Knowles see how my son was doing. This simple follow up just moved me I had to write a review right away! Highly recommend this place.


Everyone at this dental office is always patient, kind, and efficient. No complaints!

-Bailey M.

ALL FIVE STARS! I find this place so amazing! While I’m writing this I’m actually excited! Haha. All my friends are jealous when it comes to tagging along with me to one of my appointments! They say that their office doesn’t have tv’s and nice decorations. I’m sure, because this office is so much different. They make you feel comfortable! The contest are so fun and I’ve been saving up all my orthobucs so I can get a few things 🙂 Next appointment I’ll be wearing my shirt so I can get extra ones:) I would LOVE to thank all the staff and Dr. Knowles for making my smile beautiful. I was afraid to smile before): I had issues with how I looked, and now I’m not afraid to laugh with my mouth open and I can smile in my yearbook pictures!

If I could give more stars, I would 😛