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Did you know that orthodontics might be the best way to prevent or even cure your TMD? How? Here’s how:

One major reason why TMD (short for temporomandibular joint disorder) develops is because of the afflicted has what is called a malocclusion, or an abnormal bite. This can be a strain on both your teeth and jaw, leading to all the damage and symptoms of TMD.

Happily, orthodontics was specifically fix malocclusions. If your chompers are crammed, gapped or misaligned in any way, Dr. [doctor_name] and our amazing staff can fit you with braces or a similar orthodontic treatment that can safely and slowly pull your bite into a regular formation. We correct overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites and other malocclusions.

Orthodontics is not just a key for TMD treatment. It can also give you a fabulous, healthy smile that you’ll love. Studies report that people with normal bites and straight pearly-whites lower their risk os almost any dental issue. And it definitely doesn’t hurt your social life when you flash a spectacular set of straight teeth.

Do you want to know more about how orthodontics can aid your quest for a painless jaw and a beautiful smile? Just call [practice_name] in [city], [state] at [phone]. Our orthodontist and team will get you back to full dental health once more.