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The holidays can be rough for patients with braces, as there are a lot of foods you need to avoid. When surrounded by all the holiday goodies, it is tempting to bend (or even break) the rules. Remember: it is NOT worth the damage to your brackets and wires. Broken braces are not a good addition to a holiday gathering! To avoid damage to your braces, be sure to be aware of the foods you are supposed to avoid.

Pecan Pie: Though it IS delicious, unfortunately, everything about pecan pie is bad for your braces. Sticky caramel, nut pieces, starchy crust–all of these things can get caught in or even break your brackets and wires. Stick with fruit, custard, or cream pies for an equally tasty dessert.  

Caramel Apple Pie: One notable exception to the fruit pie rule is caramel-apple pie. Caramel in general is a bad plan for braces. Stick with a regular, soft apple pie with cinnamon-sugar and no nuts. That should do the trick!

Caramels: As we said, caramel is bad news for braces. The sticky caramel gets stuck between wires and teeth, is hard to clean, and can even break brackets! Try some soft chocolate instead. This can be cakes, silk pie, or even chocolate pudding.

Veggie Trays: While getting your daily dose of vegetables is very important, the crunchy, tough vegetables often found on holiday party trays can damage your braces. Stick with the softer veggies offered at the holiday dinner.

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